What We Do

Your objectives, our innovations.

We provide unique and customized end-to-end BTL solutions to our clients. As an agency, it is our aim to put a feather in their caps through design and content every time.

Our Repertoire

We hold bragging rights for these.


When TATA Motors came to us regarding their campaign launch, it took over a month of hard work to create a theatre and an event which was supposed to last a day but went on for six. With 12 shows and over 3000 audiences, Horizonext became one of the biggest events TATA Motors has ever done.


Just Saying

Legit Results

A pat on our backs never fails to keep us going. There is nothing more encouraging than a smile on a client's face. Their kind words light up our world.

Our Happy Clients

they still pat our backs!

Some Fun Facts

How many employees does THOT have?

Zero! Everybody thinks they own the company.

How is the average health in the company?

Everyones’ daily nutritional requirements are well taken care of. We are a hungry lot, food is never far from our thoughts.

What is the longest ordeal/ all - nighter suffered through by THOT?

17 hours in the GuruJam in a bus for the offsite, which became a long in-house, on road party (literally), with booze flowing, music thumping, and high spirits.

How does THOT treat single people?

With great love. We are the “good luck Chuck” of the events industry. Chances of singlehood surviving is 20%. 80% of the people who join end up being in a relationship.

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