The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit


Red Live Atif Aslam and Mohit Chauhan



The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit is a platform for men and women who shape our tomorrow to converge under one roof. We have had the privilege of producing one of India’s most influential events that take place annually. Some of the most powerful and eminent personalities from various fields grace this event.

Date: 2nd December-3rd December 2016
Venue: Taj Palace, New Delhi


Over the last 13 years, the HT Leadership Summit has established itself as one of the most prestigious summits of the country. It's where the pioneers from different walks of life share a common stage and debate the way forward for our society as a whole. Heads of state, business tycoons, Nobel laureates and your favorite artists rub shoulders with each other. The core objective is to maintain the elegance of the event through branding and design ideas.


The first innovation in design and branding was to convert an entire wall into a ‘Wall of Fame’ of previous speakers. Another innovation was to create branding for the console which had the faces of key speakers and provided one-way vision from behind the stage. The audience could not see any technicians behind the console.

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